Kelley Cornish

Kelley F. Cornish

Kelley Speaks

Kelley’s here to help. Kelley’s combination of transparency, insider’s tips and leadership experience make her a refreshing addition to your next panel or meeting. She loves to have intimate talks with small groups in faith-based organizations. But she can get up on stage and emcee a national conference with the best of them, too! Learn about speaking topics and watch her videos.

Where Have You Been All My Life book cover

Book: ‘It’s Work!”

Ever wonder what it means to be excellent? In their new book, “It’s Work: How Will You Show Up?” Kelley and co-author Myron Rolle share the principles and protocols of excellence in the workplace as well as in personal life. Deeply rooted in faith and their own experiences, these tips are guaranteed to get you to the NEXT level. Get it now!

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