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Ever Wonder What It Means to Be Excellent?

Kelley’s been a member of countless panels, sharing her human resources expertise to attendees at symposiums, meetings and conventions all over the country. At each event, Kelley is always struck by how many tough questions have really simple — and incredibly effective — answers. Now Kelley is sharing the answers in her new book, It’s Work! How Will You Show Up?

Ever wonder what it means to be excellent? In this book, Kelley and co-author Myron Rolle share the principles and protocols of excellence in the workplace as well as in personal life. Deeply rooted in faith and their own experiences, these tips are guaranteed to get you to the NEXT level.

Some of Kelley’s expert tips include:

  • For the job search: Know at least three major facts about the company and at least one point of interest about the hiring manager and recruiter
  • After you land the job: Always dress a level up; it keeps you focused.
  • For when it’s time to make a change: Always have at least one key person in the company that can speak well of your work besides your supervisor.

What Readers Are Saying

“Think of It’s Work! How Will You Show Up? as a travel guide for making your way through your career. And think of Kelley and Myron as your mentors to help you along in the journey … Kelley and Myron will help you be strong, courageous and confident even in times when you feel small, frightened and uncertain. You will find wise advice that will serve you well. More importantly, it is advice built upon the solid rock of Kelley’s faith, inspired by the loving, strong word of the Bible.”

– Gavin Kerr, CEO, Inglis

“In her book, It’s Work! How Will You Show Up?, Kelley clearly lays out the path to be taken as one navigates the world of Human Resources. Her easy-to-understand illustrations and thorough explanations serve as a guide to the new employee and seasoned administrator alike. When used as a template for workplace success, the reader will move beyond mediocrity and into a level of excellence and greater productivity that few enjoy.”

– B. Shaun Garing, President, Rock House Publishing

“I can honestly say that this book spoke to me, both professionally and personally. As I was reading it on my Kindle, I just kept thinking to myself, ‘I really wish I could highlight this line and that line…and this one too.’ I just ended up pulling out a notebook and got to work!”

– CC

“I had the opportunity to read (and share) your book and I am beyond blessed and motivated! I have been preparing for my NEXT big step in my career, and this book came at the perfect time. I was accepted to a law school in Ohio for this year, but I deferred it to next year so that I’ll have more time to prepare for the transition. I definitely resonated with Myron’s story regarding his acceptance to medical school and the quick decision that he made. His stories are very inspirational and I even sent him a quick note. You guys made a great book together and I look forward to reading Part II.”

– LK

“Just finished your very informative guide that can be used not only for a new career but any new life change. As a person who was pushed off a cliff into a new life recently … divorced … retirement … new city … setting up a new home …finding a church … making friends … finding a job … dealing with car issues and so many other things, as a married woman, I never had to think about, let alone do, learning the ‘rules of the road’ the Phillies way, your book along with THE BOOK, would have been very helpful.”

— SS

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