Kelley Cornish


Kelley’s as genuine as they come. Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t always smooth and it’s certainly not always pretty. Sometimes decisions are tough and other times sacrifices are big — or not worth making at all. Kelley uses her down-to-earth good nature, global perspective, powerful faith and signature conversation pieces to cut right down to the heart of the matter. Ask her a question about your career choices, and you’ll hear a focused and genuine response.

Kelley’s combination of transparency, insider’s tips and leadership experience make her a refreshing addition to your next panel or meeting. She loves to have intimate talks with small groups in faith-based organizations. But she can get up on stage and emcee a national conference with the best of them, too!

Kelley individualizes her talks based on her audience’s needs. Topics range from inspirational to practical, without sacrificing value.
Kelley delivers powerful presentations!
Kelley delivers powerful presentations!

“Experiencing Next—Moving Forward and Changing the Game”

Kelley’s talks are centered around her signature Conversation Pieces.™ These intriguing topics are based on lessons learned from corporate research as well as practical day-to-day scenarios captured from her own personal career experiences. Q & A sessions play an integral role. Kelley also includes case studies derived from professionals seeking their NEXT role in corporate America through the lenses of diversity, past experiences, inclusion and skill development.
Kelley delivers keynote in Philadelphia
Kelley delivers keynote in Philadelphia

What Kelley’s Audience Says

I just wanted to thank you for your presentation last night. It was informative, inspirational, and very helpful. Last night I posed the question of what one needs to do to change industries. I appreciated your responses and your candor. They will be very helpful in my job search.

Thank you so much for your speech last night with the SHRM meeting. It may have been designed for those new to HR or those trying to get into HR, but it certainly struck a chord with me, someone at the crossroads a little later in her career.

I cannot say thank you enough for the leadership, integrity and example that you put forth. I truly appreciate the genuine relationship you have within the community at large.

Thank you for your time, guidance and advice today. I enjoyed having the opportunity to share details regarding my background and current career situation. You were very transparent and shared open and honest feedback, I really appreciated that. Most of all, you gave me the confirmation I needed, but was at times doubtful about. It speaks volumes that you are willing to connect me with individuals that you would recommend for Executive Recruiting.

As always, it is so refreshing to talk with someone who “gets” it! I appreciate your insight and candor. God is doing extraordinary things for you and it is much deserved. I look forward to more chats in the near future. As you suggested, please keep me informed of what professional opportunities may be available within your network of contacts.

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Speaking Topics

  • Leadership engagement
  • Personal motivation and inspiration
  • New beginnings
  • Making a career leap
  • Authentic engagement